Tri Buyer's Guide

The Triathlon Equipment Buyer's Guide (for the rest of us)

(Note: This is an older resource so some content may be out of date.)

Triathlon magazines are great but their buyers guides are not something we can really relate to. If someone with a nascent interest in our sport picked up the magazine they would see the cheapest bike is $2000 US and come away with the belief that the sport was simply too expensive for them. Contrary to that example, you don't have to spend a lot of money to take part in the sport of triathlon. Of course, if you like to spend your money, the sport presents plenty of opportunities to do so! This page is designed to give you a little help in making your decisions and is based on over 20 years in the sport. It was originally published on another of our sites,


The most common sales pitch used for triathlon equipment is that it will make you faster. That is an important matter to many triathletes as where they finish relative to others is the framework for their primary goals. To most participants though, where they finish relative to others is not important. For them we recommend the following general priorities when purchasing equipment: comfort, value, durability.

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