swim coaching

Our coaching team is diverse and experienced, all with the ability to help you reach your goals and enjoy yourself along the way.

Coach Geordie
Geordie has introduced hundreds to swimming and triathlon over the last 14 years as a coach. He prides himself on the ability to take the most advanced of exercise science and make it work for athletes of every level.  For any questions regarding our programs, email him at

Coach Sean
A 10-time National Champion backstroker, Sean is one of our busiest swim coach, putting his charges through the paces at the Canterbury pool.  A teacher by profession, he uses all his tools to help our team advance in the water.

Coach Trina
Trina's down to earth/keeping it real personality results in her having a way of inspiring others to try new things, push harder, set higher goals, and overall going-for it.

Coach Simon
As a member of Canada's AG World Championship team, Simon knows what it takes to get fast in the pool. Simon helps his swimmers ensure they get pay back for every ounce of energy they invest in swimming.

Coach Julie
A talented age group triathlete who knows her way to the podium, Julie brings a personal touch to her coaching.  Be it our members, visually impaired athletes or Paralympians, she helps to get the best out of every athlete she coaches.


Coach Trevor
Whether it's diving off the blocks in the pool or tackling 15k open water marathons, Trevor brings a tremendous amount of experience to our team.  He understands swimming but also understands fun!

Coach Erin
A lifelong competitive swimmer, Erin also spent many years teaching swimming through the City aquatic programs. Now, she's moved on to add triathlon to the mix and has represented Canada at the age group world championships.

Coach Kelsey

Coach Kym

Coach Jennette

Past Coaches
Our club has been built through the contributions of some amazing individuals over the year.

Coach Melanie
A former nationally ranked swimmer herself, Mel is the perfect person to push our High Performance Squad and get the very most out of them.

coach dave
Coach Dave
A veteran coach and Ironman triathlete, Dave is an expert at structuring a workout and season so that his athletes maximize their progression and reach their goals.  

Coach Erik
Some can do.  Some can teach.  Erik is strong in both departments.  With a race resume including epic events like the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, Erik couples the experience you need with advice you can understand.