Open Water

open water swimming

About the Program
It's the scariest part of triathlon but it doesn't have to be; like anything, familiarity is the key. Our open water program helps you to learn the key skills and do race simulations to gain confidence, comfort and fitness. Each workout will include coaching, drills and practice in key skills such as sighting, turning and swimming in a crowd. Most swims take place on Saturday mornings. When there is a major event on Saturday, we move the swim to the Thursday evening before.

Our swims take place off the windsurf beach at Britannia (map below) in water that is as close to walkable depth as we can ensure.  Groups meet on the beach preceding the assigned time unless conditions are questionable in which case the coach will be in the parking lot to advise.  Workouts are roughly one hour in duration.  The seasons starts in June with two clinics in which we cover everything in detail then weekly swims start at the end of the month.

$130 + HST = $146.90

Click here to register  (Space is limited)   Sorry, sold out (Email us on July 2 and we'll see if we might have a spot for you.)

open water swimming

2017 Schedule:
  • No Swim Advisory: If there is a no swim advisory from the city our workout will go ahead with individuals choosing personally whether they take part or not.  
  • Lightning Policy: Our lightning policy is that we immediately cease the swim on seeing a flash and do not recommence until 30 minutes after the last flash was seen.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all swims take place from the Britannia Beach Windsurf area.  Map below.

  • Sunday, June 4:  Open Water Clinic #1  (For those participating in events before June 18.)
      • Time:  9-1030am
        • 45 minute dryland talk followed by 30 minutes or practice in the water
      • Location:  Britannia Beach (Windsurf area - map below)
        • If raining at 9am, dryland talk will be under cover on the east (river) side of the Ron Kolbus Centre - map below.
        • Do not change into wetsuit before clinic.
      • Cost:  Free to OTC members
      • Reserve your spot
        • We have room for a maximum of 30 participants
          • Members of Ottawa Swimming or OTC can click here to reserve their clinic spot.  (*CLINIC FULL) 
      • Content: 
        • Explanation and practice of skills: sighting, starts, settling, corners, contact and drafting.
        • Also covered: wetsuits, training and safety aids, dealing with anxiety
      • What to Bring:  
        • Swim wear, swim cap (or two), goggles, towel, towel, warm clothes
        • Wetsuit is optional but highly recommended for the first clinic of the year
        • If bringing a wetsuit, also bring a plastic shopping bag
      • Testimonials
        • You were right! The more open water swimming you do (with lots of company) the easier it is. I actually look forward to it now!  P.B.
        • I used to just swim with a friend up at Meech but that just didn't prepare us for the races! The way you simulate race conditions is perfect, and FUN!  S.G.
  • Sunday, June 18:     Open Water Clinic #2  
        • Same details as Clinic #1 above.  
        • Members of Ottawa Swimming or OTC can click here to reserve their clinic spot.  (*CLINIC FULL) 
  • Saturday, June 24:  Regular swims commence .  9-10am on the Windsurf Beach
  • Saturday, July 1, 9am
  • Saturday, July 8, 9am
  • Thursday, July 13, 630pm - Bring on the Bay swim is on Saturday
  • Saturday, July 22, 9am 
    • OTC Swimrun option: 500m swim  + 5k run
  • Thursday, July 27, 630pm - National Capital Tri is on Saturday
  • Saturday, August 5, 9am
  • Saturday, August 12, 9am
  • Saturday, August 19, 9am
    • Swimrun Option (500m swim + 2.5k run)
  • Saturday, August 26, 9am
    • OTC Open Water Swim Championship: 1000m swim

map britannia