10 Hamilton Avenue N, Ottawa

Since 2014, we have owned the property at 10 Hamilton Ave. North in the heart of Ottawa's popular Hintonburg neighbourhood. For six years it served as the home of the Ottawa Triathlon Club before being reconfigured in the fall of 2020. The mixed use (commercial/residential) building features an 850 sq ft two story apartment with loft, along with a 350 sq ft commercial space. The commercial space is shared by a chiropractor and fitness business.

2014 Renovation

As soon as the real estate papers were signed in June of 2014 we started an intensive renovation of what had been, for 30 years previous, a triplex. New everything is the easiest way to say it but highlighting the 'new' list would be interior walls and ceilings, insulation, flooring, electrical, HVAC, joists, and plumbing. The flooring is a highlight as we chose pine floors made from timbers reclaimed from the bottom of the Ottawa River. 

2020 Renovation - Loft Apartment Rental

It was in the fall of 2020 that the space was converted into its current form. This job included the addition of a wall dividing the main floor, a full kitchen including granite counter tops and all new appliances, a shower, and all of the fireproofing required by building code. The apartment was also fully furnished.

We are always open to discussing the sale of our property. The building sits under Ottawa's MC16 zoning which allows a wide range of uses. Use the 1200 square feet as is or more than double the size under existing allowances for a rear extension and two additional stories. Email us if you're interested.