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UPDATE May 31, 2024

Our open water program is full for this season.

We have added an additional clinic for non-members. Our weekly swim program sold out quickly and our first two clinics are also full so we wanted to be able to offer support to those who didn't get a spot. 

NEW Open Water Clinic (for non-members)

About the Program

If open water swimming makes you a little nervous rest assured you are very normal! We're hear to help. Like anything, familiarity is the key. Our open water program helps you to learn the key skills and take part in race simulations to gain confidence, comfort and fitness. Each workout will include coaching, drills and practice in key skills such as sighting, turning and swimming in a crowd. Most swims take place on Saturday mornings. When there is a major event on Saturday, we move the swim to the Thursday evening before.

Our swims take place off the windsurf beach at Britannia (map below) in water that is as close to walkable depth as we can ensure.  The typical workout will feature the use of a 200 to 300m course. Groups meet on the beach preceding the assigned time unless conditions are questionable in which case the coach will be in the parking lot to advise.  Workouts are roughly one hour in duration.  The seasons starts in June with two clinics in which we cover everything in detail then weekly swims run for July and August.

Open Water Program Cost 

Ottawa Swimming Pool Program Members

General Public


Members of Pool Program: At 9am on *Tuesday, May 14* you will receive an email with a link to reserve your clinic spot and an option to register for the full summer program. 

General Public: If there are spots remaining in our program we will announce it on *Tuesday, May 21* at 9am with the with the inclusion of a link to online registration on this page. UPDATE: We are building a wait list. Please email if interested in taking part in our clinics or summer program.

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2024 Schedule:

Our Pre-Season Clinics

Who Gets to Attend the Clinics

Open Water Clinic #1: Sunday, June 2, 2024

Open Water Clinic #2: Sunday, June 9, 2024

Our Regular Weekly Swim Program 2024



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