Ottawa Fit Ltd is the parent company of Ottawa Swimming and We also founded the Ottawa Running Club and the but are no longer involved in those great clubs. 

The Ottawa Fit community is a welcoming group that serves all levels, from those brand new to fitness and activity to those with many years of experience. While you're on the website of a swim club, you need to know that we are much more than that. With over 20 years in the fitness field we are experts that can help guide you to your active living goals.

Join Us for Online Fitness Classes

Our online fitness membership features access to 5 live, local classes per week plus personal coaching, one on one consultations and more. The classes include athletic strength, spinning, yoga and mobility - all you need to prepare your body for the adventures life has to offer. Plus, our classes are social so you become part of a community and connect with that energy as often each week as you need it. By the way, many of our members have no plans to do a triathlon; they just use the framework as a way of keeping fit!

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Why Online Fitness and Coaching

As soon as our world changed in March 2020 we started our online classes. We need to coach, it's who we are, and we need the connection with our community. And we knew our community needed us too.

Under social distancing we have no choice but to do our best from or around our homes. And the world has discovered that it doesn't take much if any equipment to get in a great workout either. This leads me back to something I've said for many years: exercise is not rocket science, it's behavioural science. We know we should workout but actually getting it done can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you get it done.

I've been in the field for over 20 years and can tell you the successful fitness recipe has always started with location. With the only available fitness club being right there in our homes, the location could not be easier. This, of course, can present some challenges in terms of working around those you live with and finding suitable room. When it comes right down to it, though, all you really need, at least for my classes, is some floor space with a mat or carpet, and some wall space. Beyond that, everything you really need can be bought at the grocery store. Sure, there a couple other items we use, like resistance bands, but I can help you work around that. And, don't worry, you don't have to live in Ottawa to take part! We love serving our city and building community but the world is welcome into our family.

The next part of the equation is fun. There are countless options out there but you need to find the movements you enjoy or at least the movements that give you the results that you then enjoy. Do you want to hammer a cross-fit workout or do you prefer a calmer approach? It depends on many factors from personality to your ability and experience level. Most importantly, don't get in over your head; ensure what you're doing you can execute safely. Needless to say, injuries are not fun. 

You need to next decide what your source of exercise guidance is. Thanks to the internet there is not lack of options but you need to find the one that works for you. Will it be a print out of an exercise list? Will it be a follow-along YouTube video? Those both can certainly work for the right person. For others, like the community I work with, they prefer to meet with me and the rest of the gang at a scheduled time to chat and follow along with the live workout I have designed, one that builds slowly from week to week. This also gives them the chance to ask questions and gain clarity where they need it. 

Which brings me to one of the most important variables: personality. I long ago learned that I'm not everyone's cup of tea and thank goodness for that. Success has shown that what I do offer does appeal to a lot of people, though. I think it may come down largely to my modus operandi which is that all classes need to be three things: welcoming, fun and effective. If you feel welcome you'll want to stay. If you have fun you'll want to come back. If you come back you'll reach your goals because what we do is effective. Whether it's an online strength class or online spin class, you'll leave it happier and healthier than when you arrived.

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Posted by Geordie McConnell, Head Coach

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