We love sharing our knowledge and when possible we put it down on tape!

Swimmer Analysis List

Coach Geordie takes you through a list of the things he looks at when analyzing a swimmer's stroke. To download a copy of the list click here.

Learn to Swim Progression

Coach Geordie shares the progression he uses when teaching adults to swim.

Why Fins Work

We look at the benefits to using fins in swim workouts, especially for new swimmers.

Rollercoaster Fingers

The height and angle of your hand on extension is one of the most common stroke limiters we see.

Activate Before You Swim, Stretch After

We share three muscular activation exercises along with three stretches.

Kick Rhythm

A fun look at how your kick rhythm can and should vary with the distance of the swim.

Shoulder Mobility May Be Holding You Back

Coach Garrett shows you how to both check on and improve your shoulder mobility.

Peak Into Our Club Culture

Check out this short video shot at one of our club swim meets and you'll understand us just a little better.

Train the Brain

This video explores the tremendous potential of swimming to benefit our mental health.

Fixing Crossover

Here are some easy steps to help you correct what one of the most common stroke limiters.

Three Most Common Stroke Corrections

Geordie shares the three most common stroke limiters he sees and some solutions.

Shoulder Mobility

Jenn joins Geordie to deliver a few tips on shoulder mobility, a crucial element of swim fitness.

Water Running

This one went viral! Ok, maybe not viral but it is our most watched video.

The Aussies

Here are a couple heroes of Australian swimming. Watch for: ankle flexibility, shoulder rotation, kick cadence, high elbow catch

Ian Thorpe, 5x Olympic Gold Medalist

Grant Hackett, 2x Olympic 1500m Gold Medalist