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If you are arriving to this page after completing our online registration, welcome to the club!

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The Program

  • Important Dates

    • Return to the pool swims page to see start, end and no-swim days for the program year.

    • Open Water Swim Program

      • This program registers in the spring and has limited space. Our full year members receive a deep discount and advanced registration privileges. Keep an eye on the Open Water page for details.

    • Goals

      • Our motto is: Welcoming Fun Effective

      • We want you to learn to improve as a swimmer and enjoy yourself while doing so

    • Different Coaches

      • We have a variety of coaches and each has their own style.

      • Some run their workouts on the pace clock, others doing timed sets.

      • Regardless of approach, our swimmers all improve and reach their goals when they put in the work (play).

    • Strokes

      • Our principal focus on the front crawl stroke however, some coaches will cover other strokes as well including breast, back and butterfly.

    • Turns

      • When you come to the wall make sure to turn, don't keep going! We don't really care if you do an open turn, flip turn or stop for tea.


  • Suit:

    • Please wear a swim suit!

    • Tip: Rinse yours after each workout to prolong it's life - chlorine breaks the fabric down over time

    • Combining points one and two, don't let your suit get too thin before replacing it!

  • Fins (Flippers):

    • Your coach will inform you if they will be utilizing fins. If so, it is recommended to purchase your own.

    • The supply available at city pools varies and you cannot rely on finding the correct size.

    • Buy your own and they will last forever and save you lots of time searching.

  • Goggles:

    • Different goggles fit different shaped eye sockets.

    • They should stick to your socket for a full second when pushed into place without use of the strap.

  • Lock:

    • Don't bring valuables to the pool and make sure to lock your clothing in the locker.

  • Footwear:

    • We highly recommend flip flops to protect your feet while walking on deck.

    • Swim Cap:

      • Some swimmers, especially those with long hair, will be more comfortable swimming while wearing a cap. These are inexpensive and can be made of either latex or silicone.

  • Nose Clip:

    • Some swimmers are more comfortable using one of these. They are especially useful during our fall body position drills.

    • We do, however, recommend weaning yourself off the use of a nose clip over time.

  • Nutrition:

    • The workouts can be quite intense so ensure you have enough fuel in the tank.

    • Ensure that any snacks leading up to the swim are easily digestible and any meals are far enough out to provide ample time for digestion.

  • Hydration:

    • You will perspire a great deal but be unaware of it.

    • Ensure you arrive well hydrated and possibly bring a bottle of water with you to have deck side.

    • Please, no sports drink on the pool deck


  • Lane Direction:

    • The coach may designate directions for each lane, either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

  • Passing:

    • When approaching a slower swimmer, tap them on the feet to let them know you want to pass.

    • The slower swimmer should then move to the side of the lane or stop at the wall in the corner of the lane, allowing the faster swimmer to pass.

    • *The passing swimmer must sight above the water as they pass to ensure they can do so safely.

    • If the lane width and traffic allows, passing mid-lane is allowable. Again, safety is the first priority.

  • Keep the T Clear:

    • There is a 'T' or cross mark on the wall in the middle of each lane. This is where swimmers aim to hit when turning.

    • For that reason, when a swimmer stops to rest, they must stand in the corner of the lane by the rope.

    • If this spot is taken, line up along the lane rope.

  • Fastest First:

    • Learn the relative speeds of your lane mates. The faster swimmers should always depart first.

Refund and Transfer Policy

There are no refunds on program registration but your spot is transferable to another individual. If the class you are enrolled in is sold out and we have a wait list, we will connect you with someone on that list. Any transfer of funds for a spot is the responsibility of the registrants. If a transfer is made, we ask that both parties contact us to confirm the completion of the transaction.