Pool Swims

About the Program 

Ottawa Swimming programs are aimed at helping participants develop a strong, efficient stroke then add further fitness and power to the equation. The result is fitness, strength and speed.  Ample opportunity will be given for those more experienced swimmers to maximize their volume while new swimmers will only swim as much as they are comfortable with.  All participants will benefit from ongoing feedback from the coach.  While we welcome all levels, we do ask that you are able to swim front crawl 50m continuously before starting the program.  Our Start Smart program is the one exception; it's perfect for those new to swimming.  We train indoors from first week of October to mid June after which our Open Water program starts up at Britannia Beach for swims through to the end of August.  Check out our new member page for additional info. Please register for our newsletter to watch for registration updates. 

2023-24 Pool Program

2023-24 Groups

Downtown Swims

Ottawa Swimming doesn't have any downtown swims but we have some good friends that do!  The Ottawa Centre Masters Swim Club have times at the Champagne Pool on King Edward.  For full details visit their website.