Wait List

If you missed out, the best strategy is to register for your second choice and then ask to be put on the wait list for your first choice. That puts you to the front of the queue for a possible transfer. Transfers are not guaranteed but do occur every season, sometimes before start up and sometimes after the session begins.

We encourage you to email us. By including the following information, it will help us place you more easily.

    1. List your 2 top class choices including day and location.

    2. Let us know a little about your ability level:

      • How far can you swim continuously right now: 0m (new swimmer), 25m, 50m, 100m, 500m+ ?

      • If you are an established swimmer, please let us know what your average 100m time would be.

        • This information will help us know if we have room in the suitable lane based on pace.