Help Charting Your Course

Swimming has the highest skill level of the three sports or triathlon so we have a special clinic which combines an hour long presentation, giving you a theoretical understanding, with an hour in the pool, which connects your brain to your body! You will learn and practice a drill progression which will become your short cut to a relaxed and efficient stroke plus have a coach evaluate you and give you feedback and corrections (1:4 coach/athlete ratio). You'll also receive full notes and a video analysis of your stroke!

Next date: TBA from 815pm to 1030pm at The Plant Pool

Open to: Everyone!

Cost: $57.95

Clinic Details

For many, swimming is the most daunting aspect of triathlon. The skill level involved in swimming is much more comparable to golf or tennis than it is to biking or running. Join the head coach of the Ottawa Triathlon Club, Geordie McConnell, who will provide you with both the theoretical and the practical keys to a relaxed and efficient swim stroke. You'll walk away having learned and practiced the fundamental which will give you the opportunity to establish solid swim technique in a very short time. The clinic will include a 1 hour talk and 1 hour in the pool.

Highly Recommended Equipment

  • We recommend you consider purchasing a pair of fins (flippers).

  • They are incredibly useful when working to improve you swim technique and will be prominently featured during the clinic.

  • The facility has a very limited supply of fins so don't count on there being the proper size for you.

  • Where to buy the equipment: Fresh Air Experience, Bushtukah, Aquasport

  • If you are a new swimmer, buy mid-length fins that extend 8+ inches beyond your toes. If you already have a solid kick, short fins (3-4 inches beyond toes) are fine.


  • "I've been lucky to have some very good people try to teach me, but last night was something special." Brian

  • "I was impressed by how much could be done is such small amount of time.....thank you!" J.B.

  • "It helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses as a swimmer and gave me a series of drills and tools to work on improving my efficiency in the water. It is a really well thought-out program and lots of fun too!" Lisa

  • "Your program promised an improved, efficient swim stroke and it delivered. I had no background in swimming but I always felt comfortable in the classes and was able to progress at my own speed. I practiced your drills and I've gone from not being able to do one lap at the pool to doing 30. I don't feel panic all the time swimming and I actually enjoy it to the point I'm like a torpedo now in the pool. I went from taking over 30 min for the 500 m to doing it in under 12 minutes at the Limestone Tri in Kingston this year." Garry

  • "Just last year I could hardly complete a 200M alive. I knew the OTC gave swimming lessons but I was too embarrassed to register since I thought everyone would be much better than me. But I got up the courage to enrol in Geordie's 5 week OTC learn to swim course. At first I was not sure how drills like learning to swim on my side or with a flutter board and flippers would help me but my progress was immense. In 5 weeks I had become a much better swimmer and I left the class with a drill set I could do on my own to continue my development. Fast forward a few months later and I'm now swimming a 200M with ease and speed. I'm amazed at my own progress and I'm looking forward to see just how much more I can improve." Bryan