August 10 Update

Hello Swimmers,

Last week we were informed of the procedures to be used for pool rentals this coming fall so this email is our way to share an overview of the way things may look this fall for our swims. This message includes a link to a short survey. As we continue to consider the best and safest way forward, the results of the survey will help to guide us.

The most important thing for you to know is we place your safety as the very highest priority. I will not run practices if I feel there is undue risk to the coaches or participants. The next thing to know is that any swims that do take place will be nothing like our past sessions. The social element will all but be eliminated within the building. The amount of coaching you will get will be greatly curtailed. The range of workouts, intensities and equipment will be limited. But you will be swimming!

The pool capacities have been cut at least in half which means if registration takes place it will be first-come first-served from among last year's swimmers. It also means Ottawa Swimming will be severely affected financially. I'm hoping that my new Ottawa Online Fitness will help see us through and into the future.

What I'll ask you to do is please read the points below then click the link at the bottom to complete a short survey that is designed to help guide us forward. This list is a summary. Much greater details will be shared with any registered swimmers in advance of start up.

    • You will shower and change into your swimsuit at home, wearing comfortable clothes over it for the journey to the pool.

    • You must arrive on time for the scheduled swim.

    • Upon arrival you will complete a health assessment with pool staff and will sanitize your hands.

    • Entry and exit to the pool area will be guided by pool staff

    • You may not use the change rooms but with permission may be able to use the bathrooms.

    • Each swimmer will have a designated spot on deck to place their belongings.

    • Swimmers are not permitted to use facility equipment (ie flutter boards)

    • Athletes should bring their water bottles filled. There is no use of facility water fountains.

    • Coaches and athletes must maintain physical distancing of 2 meters in and out of the pool.

    • The pool will be set up with double width lanes. As many as six swimmers are permitted in a double lane.

    • Each swimmer will have a home spot, either in a corner or part way along on the lane rope.

    • Swimmers swim up one lane over the black line and down the other lane over the black line.

    • Swimmers must maintain a 2-meter distance from each other at all times.

    • The vast majority of intervals will be 50m and 100m as passing another swimmer would require breaking the distancing guidelines.

    • You will swim from your home spot, do the designated distance, and return to your home spot.

    • The coach will be masked which, combined with the spread out nature of the group, will severely limit coach-athlete interaction.

    • Training goals such as high volume workouts are unlikely to fit with these guidelines.

    • At the end of practice, swimmers will dry off with their towel, put clothing back over their swim suit and exit the building at the direction of staff.