August 24 Update

Hello Again Swimmers!

Thank you to those that asked great questions over the last week to help further guide communication on our fall swim program. Please take time to read the answers below. I will likely be sharing one more update at the end of this week preceding the opening of registration on Monday.

For Those Not Planning to Swim

I opened registration on Friday for membership in my Ottawa Online Fitness program. The response has been fantastic so if you would like to work with me from home, including on your swim fitness, please visit the site. To register simply click the button in the top right of the screen.

Knowing Your Swim Pace

One of the more important updates I want to share has to do with pacing. I'm busy setting up an adapted registration system and it will, to some extent, include representation of swim pace (average time to swim 100 metres). Experienced swimmers have a good understanding of this but our newer swimmers may not. If you are unsure I might recommend a trip to the pool for a test swim to get an idea of this. Knowing within 15 seconds will help (ie 1:30-1:45, 1:45-2:00, 2:00-2:15, 2:15-2:30)

More Answers

1. Is Thursday night still for advanced swimmers?

Yes. The three lanes will focus on the faster pace ranges. All other swims will have wider ranges.

2. Are you keeping a waitlist?

No, not yet. I will start that once the registration is complete.

3. You said 'all of last season's swimmers can register'.

To clarify: those swimmers from last season that meet the pacing guidelines.

4. If I don't register now do I lose my existing-member priority moving forward?

No. Whether it is for programs added mid-season or for next year, last season's group (2019-20) will get the first opportunity to register before the general public. This fall's registration will also not change that priority; whether you are swimming this fall or not, last year's full group will be treated the same when it comes to priority for registration.

5. What happens if I get sick, injured or must drop out?

I'll be honest, this is a tough one but I've decided that, considering the circumstances, it should be a tough one for the club not its members. If you are injured, sick or do not feel you can continue in our program, I will pause your next payment and work to replace you in the group.