Ottawa Swimming Update from Geordie

Pools Reopening

Last week the province announced that pools are permitted to open. This announcement came as a surprise to pool operators including the City of Ottawa and they reached out to clubs to say it will take some time to work out operational matters. Keep an eye on the news for updates on pool openings.

The Swimming Experience

I have been keeping a close eye on swim programs around the world over the last few months. When we do return to the pool I can tell you procedures will have changed considerably. Entry, changeroom and on deck rules will be carefully monitored as that is the place of greatest risk. The good news is that there is no evidence that the virus can spread through the water used in pools. Still, the capacity per lane will be cut considerably.

What Does This Mean for Ottawa Swimming

I continue to monitor the situation carefully and work hard on my contingency plans. Safety and swimming must always go hand in hand. While we all hope to be able to swim safely this fall I will not move ahead with any program that places swimmers or coaches at increased risk. That's why we have no open water program this summer. If it is safe I will also introduce additional membership features that help you navigate the changed environment.

Can You Swim Online?

We have had tremendous success with our online classes since the shutdown started. Many swimmers have taken advantage of the opportunity to fix strength and mobility issues that were holding them back in the pool. On top of that, our programs increased functional fitness for all other activities as well, supporting your biking, running, gardening and more. This success prompted me to develop Ottawa Online Fitness, a fitness program that will not only help your swimming but also give you that social connection we look forward to at our swims. I'll be registering for the program soon and will start with only 50 participants so that I can serve them to the high standard I expect of myself. Please have a look at the website and email me if you'd like to be placed on the waiting list for registration.



Geordie McConnell

Head Coach

Ottawa Swimming