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Start Smart

We have taken countless adults who could not swim and, over the course of a few months, not only taught them to swim but to swim for a long time. The Start Smart Swim Method was developed by our Head Coach Geordie McConnell. After a number of years of coaching and studying under other acclaimed coaches, Geordie decided to set aside traditional thinking and develop a new teaching progression for those looking to build or reconstruct their stroke. It is based on the real world behaviours that he saw as the reality of adult swimmers. The most important of those elements is:

You must be relaxed in the water before being able to learn to move.

If you are learning to ride a bike and your body is rigid with fear and tension, you won't be able to make the micro-adjustments to counter balance and stay upright. The same goes in the pool but we say it more succinctly: tense muscles turn to cement!

Wax On, Wax Off

The Start Smart Swim Method utilizes a patient, fun and social approach to develop relaxation first then slowly build the front crawl stroke element by element. It's sort of like the Karate Kid and the 'wax on, wax off' philosophy. Once the stroke is built, we slowly add volume and intensity to suit each individual swimmer. Then, as the season move on, we continue to challenge our swimmers to develop additional skills, physical and mental, that allow them to tackle the ultimate challenge: open water swimming. That step is certainly optional but we know you can do it!

Visit our Pool Swims page and look for the Start Smart classes

The program opens for registration in August with the lessons running from early October through mid-June.

About Neuro-Plasticity

The brain is a miraculous and ever-evolving organ. The movement patterns and mental skills we teach work to rewire your brain so it operates in a different manner enabling you to swim in a relaxed and efficient manner. The mental strength, confidence and understanding that comes from such learning can be applied to countless areas in our life. Scientists at the University of Ottawa's Brain and Mind Institute are at the forefront in studying this field, helping treat such diverse conditions as Parkinson's Disease, stroke and depression. Learn to train your brain and break down the barriers in your life.