Virtual Swim Group

On YOUR Schedule

Life can be busy and fitting in a weekly club swim workout may just not work for your schedule. Here's your chance to train under a coach without big changes to your daytimer. Not only will we email you weekly workouts but you'll get a chance to work with us in person as well at our clinics.

VSG Details

Facilitator: Coach Geordie McConnell

Timeline: January to mid-June (You can join any time and amount will be pro-rated)

Cost: $226.00 (includes all charges)


  • 5 1/2 months of swim workouts (up to 2 per week) emailed to you weekly.

  • Your online questions answered weekly by the coach.

  • Free registration to one of our two winter pool swim clinics. (You must reserve spot)

  • Free registration to one of our two spring open water clinics. (You must reserve spot)

  • Ability to join in three of Coach Geordie's group swim workouts by contacting him to arrange.

To enroll in the Virtual Swim Group for 2016, email


You will need to acquire some equipment to execute some drills we will prescribe:

  • Kick Board: All public pools have ample supply

  • Fins: While pools have some fins, finding the right size can be a crap shoot. I recommend buying your own. If you are strong kicker, the shorty style fin is your best choice. If you struggle with your kick, I recommend a mid-length fin.

  • Paddles: Pools sometimes have paddles but they are usually massive. You want a paddle that is roughly the size of your hand. Here a decent one.

  • Pull Buoy: While pools have an ample supply they can be smaller, older and lacking in buoyancy. If you are a strong kicker, just use the ones at the pool. If you struggle with the kick or are a male, purchase your own pull buoy and go for a big one.