Analysis Check List

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  • from hip ie not excess knee bend

  • width eg splay or generally to wide

  • ROM eg finish kick

  • tempo relative to distance ie not overkicking

  • ankle flexion *ROM limitation

Head position:

  • breathe bottom goggle

  • exhale head down

  • breathe not looking back, not whipping turn

  • balanced breathing cycle, not too excessively deep

Entry and Extension:

  • cross-over including simply overreaching

  • entry point: not over-reaching

  • enter and extend to lose air

  • down slope

  • wrist angle

  • finger separation

  • sufficient extension *ROM limitation


  • sufficient esp offside

  • not excess *ROM limitation

  • even


  • no cross-over, pull to hip

  • hand depth

  • evf *ROM limitation

  • tempo change catch to pull

Stroke Timing:

  • no catch up, not early on offside stroke, no glide

  • turning head with catch


  • Elbow high, hand low

  • lead with the elbow to shoulder then entry *ROM limitation


  • Finish past the hip

  • palm back not externally rotated