Sample Workouts

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Traditional Pace Time

The more traditional masters swimming approach sees a set number of lengths for each element of the workout, with the volume varying by lane since each lane will be at a slightly different pace. Each section will be based on a 'On' time. This means the lead swimmer will depart every _ seconds so the active and rest are combined. For example, you may be asked to do 50m intervals on 90 seconds. That means the lead out departs every 90 seconds. If you finish after 60 seconds, that means you have 30 seconds of rest.

Early Season Sample (fast lane):

Warm-up: 300 choice


3x100 on 2:00

300pull on 6:00 (base pace 2min)

4x50 on 50 or 45

8x25 kick on 50

8x25 aerobic Distance per stroke on 35

4x50 on 50 or 45

5x100 on 2:00

4x50 on 50 or 45

2x100 on 2min

100 easy

End of Workout

Timed Segment Approach

This is a simplified approach in which the group does the prescribed set for a certain duration of time. This allows each lane to be active for the same length of time, the faster swimmers simply completing more metres. This approach also utilizes perceived exertion instead of pace times while still designating a timed rest interval.

Early Season Sample:

10' Warm Up: Alternating 25m of front, back and breast

10' Kick: (With fins) Kick on back, board optional, focus on straight leg recovery

10' Drill: (With fins) Superman kick, scull to breathe, focus on hand depth and width

15' Main Set: 50m intervals at PE 6 (cruising), rest interval 1', focus on maintaining form

10' Cool Down: Alternate front and back then stretch